Windows 95 Multilanguage Support

Use this utility to write documents in Bulgarian,
Belorussian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Polish,
Romanian, Russian, and Slovenian.

By using the following Utility (the "Software"), you
are hereby agreeing to the included license agreement. 
Please review the file LICENSE.TXT.


1) Double-click the file LANG.EXE. This will cause it to
   de-compress itself.
    *                                                                                                          *
    *    CAUTION!  Make sure that you are running this                             *
    *    .EXE file in an empty folder or on a blank                                        *
    *    formatted diskette!                                                                          *
    *                                                                                                           *
    *    DO NOT run this .EXE file in your \WINDOWS                             *
    *    or \WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder!                                                   *
    *                                                                                                           *

2) Open the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, select the
   "Windows Setup" tab, and click the "Have Disk..." button.

3) In the "Install from Disk" dialog, enter the location
   where LANG.EXE was run, and click OK.

4) Choose the options you want to install, and click the
   "Install" button.

5) Once you have installed this utility, you can delete the files
   from the folder that LANG.EXE was run.

4) If you need to uninstall this utility, open the Control Panel,
   and double-click "Add/Remove Software."